Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Benefits Of Aloe Vera


The Aloe family of plants includes over 200 varieties. Of these, it is the Aloe Barbadensis Miller (Aloe Vera) that has been of the most use to man. Aloe vera is one of the oldest known medicinal plants gifted by nature.

Aloe vera is healthy in all forms be it powder, creams, gels and shampoos. However, the most common use and way of transporting aloe into the system is through its juice. The health benefits of aloe vera juice are not withstanding. Each year hundreds of thousands of gallons of aloe vera juice are swallowed by wise consumers all over the world. Aloe farming is now a huge industry and the sales of gallons and gallons of aloe vera juice show no signs of stopping. This is due to the natural and inherent health benefits that aloe has to offer.

When aloe vera juice is ingested, the health benefits and results are marked and different for many people. However, most can agree that with prolonged use many positive effects can take place. There are those that report a decrease in blood pressure. A common report of taking aloe vera juice is healed ulcers. Bowel movements become regular for many. Blood sugars tend to stabilize. Acid reflux and GERD symptoms are reduced or eventually become non-existent for many. Others report easier digestion and reduction of that constant gas feeling. A common benefit of aloe vera juice is improved circulation and loss of that tingling feeling in the extremities. Aloe vera is also naturally anti-fungal and anti-bacterial.

Aloe vera juice also helps with detoxification and weight loss. Aloe vera is credited with stabilizing the natural metabolic rate which lends itself to easier weight loss. Aloe vera does help promote muscle development along with the assistance of regular exercise. An extract of aloe vera called carrysin has been shown to increase the function of immune system cells thereby promoting healthier immunity.

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