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10 Healthy Foods for kids

Most kids now a times want to eat only unhealthy meals which is not good for their health. Here are 10 nutrional meals for kids which are delicious and better too.

These times most of the kids are getting habituated to unhealthy meals rather than better home meals. There are many fresh vegetables available to us quickly in the market and are better for kids. Here I gave 10 meals which keep your kid better and fit.


Paneer is full of Calcium mineral, Metal, Supplement A & C and dairy necessary protein. Paneer doesn't contain Cholestrerol levels or Soaked Body fat. The quality of calorie consumption which can be provided to kids depends on the type of meals you get ready with paneer. Through preparing salads or just cooking dishes cannot give perfect number of calorie consumption. So prefer meals which are fried well along with paneer. Soy products, Beans, Groundnuts added in these meals then it becomes better. Generally in Indian meals we use these commonly but we should add them in high-content for kids. Add Groundnuts and any Impulses in Upma to create it fantastic and heathy.

Methi / Fenugreek

Green fresh vegetables are better than fresh vegetables. They are full of Metal, Supplement A, C & E, Vitamin b folic acidity, Calcium mineral etc. Methi is full of Calcium mineral, Metal, Supplement C & A, and Salt. As the flavor of methi is increase, it doesn't attract kids. So add them in other curries. You can get ready Methi Paratas and add with any delicious curry, so that methi flavor doesn't come out. Aloo Methi, Methi with tomato fresh vegetables are delicious curries which are fantastic with Rotis/Chapathis. You can even add methi in non vegetable meals like chicken and seafood.


Tomato is the 2nd highest used vegetable all over the world. Tomatoes contain anti oxidant named Lychopen, which can help us from melanoma and center related illnesses. Tomatoes even contain Supplement C & A. In boiled tomato fresh vegetables we get much higher variety of Lycopen than fresh ones. Kids really like to have raw tomato fresh vegetables, let them have it. Even they are better. After tomato fresh vegetables Green beans are the best meals available. They contain Beta-keratin. Once it goes into into our body it transforms into Supplement A, C, E & B. Carrot contains Calcium mineral, Blood potassium, Copper mineral, Metal and Mineral magnesium. Tomatoes can be cooked with most of the fresh vegetables and even with Natural Leafy fresh vegetables. .


Chicken is the best covet product available. Poultry contains less Cholestrerol levels and Soaked Body fat. Through chicken we can get Supplement A, E, K & B, Metal, Calcium mineral, and Salt. Most of the kids really like to have chicken. Alternative better non vegetable meals are Fish and Eggs. Both contain Proteins in great amount, low Fat amount and even Carbohydrate food. Even Blood potassium and Salt are available in them. There are many Egg, Fish and Poultry dishes by which you can serve your kids. If they really like to have delicious then get ready any Manchuria, Fry products, or any Biryani.
Wheat flour

Food products made with Whole grain flour is good and balanced to all age groups. Most of the states in India use Whole grain four in their diet program. Whole grain contains Carbohydrate food, Proteins, Supplement E & B, Salt, Calcium mineral, Mineral magnesium, and Zinc. Whole grain doesn't contain any Soaked Body fat or Cholestrerol levels so we can have them for fat loss as well. Daily if we have any product ready with wheat flour can keep us better. Kids mostly like to eat Chapathis/ Phulkas/Poori with Jam. So let them have 1 or 2 Chapathis everyday in the morning meal or in the dinner or even after they come back from university. If they like to have some different then you can create Chapathi comes with any better curry. By this they will appreciate having them. Rotis are better and even wealthy with iron, calcium, sodium, vitamins.

Plantain / Banana

Bananas are the best, cheapest and quickly available fresh fruit. Apples is full of Supplement C & B, Blood potassium, Calcium mineral, Mineral magnesium and Zero material of Soaked Body fat & Cholestrerol levels. Apples consists of Pectin which keeps our Cholestrerol levels in control. In 1 banana we can get 2gms of Proteins, 35gms of Carbohydrate food etc so we can add it in our morning meal along with dairy. Kids appreciate having Apples with Creams, Jam, Custard and Yogurt.

Sweet Calcium / Mosambi

The Sweet Calcium is full of Supplement B, C, E, Vitamin b folic acidity, Calcium mineral etc. Ω – 3 and Ω – 6 body fat which are helpful for better center can be obtained from Sweet Calcium. Daily 1 glass of fresh fruit juice keeps your kid and any age people better. As kids really like to have lovely fruit juices you can add Apple fresh fruit juice or Carrot fresh fruit juice in Sweet Calcium fresh fruit juice. They are better than including glucose. By including glucose extra calorie consumption will be increased. Even ice can create kids appreciate drinking such fruit juices.

Fresh fresh fruit & vegetable chat

Fruit conversations and Veggie conversations should be taken once in 2 times. Veggies can be boiled or raw ones they can be mixed with fresh fruits. Boiled potato, Apples, Apple, few Seedlings, Fresh orange fresh fruit juice and Talk masala can create an enjoyable meals for your kids to have after they come back from university. You can even create Seedlings, Tomato, Vegetables, Cilantro leaves, Carrot and Fresh orange fresh fruit juice makes a great formula for your kids. Add your child's favorite fresh fruits and fresh vegetables together to create them forget unhealthy meals. It's better to get ready such products than to let your kids get habituated to Chips, Hamburgers and Pizzas. According to your child's flavor create your formula as lovely or delicious.

Almonds / Badam

Almonds are very better for all age groups. Soak few nuts in water whole night and have them in your morning meal after removing their skin. Kids can have 2 or 3 Almonds everyday. Almonds contain Supplement B & E, Calcium mineral, manages Cholestrerol levels, and Ω – 6 Unhealthy Chemicals. As kids of below 3 years cannot chew them, you can create powder of Almonds and add it in their dairy. Beans also have equal plus points as nuts have. Almonds are costly but Natural Beans are available to everyone. They too have Supplement C, E, & B, Calcium mineral, Mineral magnesium, Blood potassium and Metal.


Amla fresh fruit juice is available in markets now. Add this Amla fresh fruit juice to Fresh orange fresh fruit juice, Salt/Sugar can create a good and balanced consume for your kids. You can provide them with when they come back after playing. That time they experience dehydrated and tired. This consume can provide energy and even moisturize them. Amla allows in Anemia, Liver organ issues, Fever, Joint issues etc. in Ayurvedic drugs amla is used in preparing Cancer drugs. Even Cod-Liver oil allows our kids as amla does. It contains Supplement A & D, Ω – 3 & Ω – 6, Unhealthy Chemicals etc. This Cod – Liver organ oil allows in kids growth as well.

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