Monday, September 17, 2012

Healthy Life Tips

You want to feel great all the time, don’t you? A healthy lifestyle will keep you sharp, attractive and happy for pretty much the

rest of your life. That’s a pretty sweet deal. So get ready to find out the best tips for living a healthy, happy lifestyle for

many years to come.

1: Eat Healthy Foods – You are what you eat; the old adage goes, so make yourself healthy and wonderful by eating plenty of fresh

fruits, vegetables, whole grains and low-calorie, low-fat proteins. For guidance, be sure to follow the recommended food pyramid

to make sure you balance your meals well.

2: Start and Maintain a Fitness Program – Exercise keeps you healthy, slim and confident. It also reduces stress and keeps the

odds in your favor in the fight to prevent cancer, heart disease and diabetes. Start a routine you can stick to, even if that

means just walking down the street a few times a week, and then build from there.

3: Manage Your Stress – Not only does stress have you tugging out that (probably white) hair, it also lowers your immune system,

making you more susceptible to viruses and bacteria. Meditate, take a warm bath, do some stretching or anything that makes you

happy and calm. You will be doing yourself a real favor.

4: Have Some Water – Water is such a simple, basic thing, but it does so much! It helps your digestive system, helps you fight

germs, keeps you hydrated and keeps you refreshed! Be sure to drink the recommended 8 glasses of water a day to maintain a healthy


5: Avoid Cigarettes – Cigarettes cause cancer, there’s no way around it. Don’t poison yourself on a regular basis. Any perceived

benefits you get from lighting up, you can get from slightly changing your lifestyle. Plus, you will live longer and healthier.

6: Get a Full Night of Sleep – When you don’t sleep right, you become irritable, frustrated, your brain is confused and your whole

day suffers. So improve your days by getting plenty of sleep. It may mean missing your late night television show, but that’s what

TIVO is for. Parents, start this trend early by enforcing bedtime.

7: Get it on – Sexual intercourse provides cardio exercise, relieves stress, promotes positive relationships, and has even been

shown to help ward off diseases. On top of that, people seem to think it is pretty fun. So dim the lights, cue the music and get

it on. Just remember to practice safe sex and use birth control if you aren’t ready for a family.

8: Maintain Friendships – Friendships are a source of joy, a place to vent out frustrations, and just plain have a good time. You

don’t have to be Mr. or Ms. Popular, but do maintain at least a few strong, healthy friendships. Join a club to meet people of

similar interests, if you don’t know where to start.

9: Limit Alcohol – A little glass of wine can be beneficial for your heart and relieving some of the day’s stress, as Barry White

once said, too much of anything isn’t good for you. Too much alcohol, for example, can destroy your liver and make you more

vulnerable to cancer. So take it easy.

10: Smile – Happiness comes from the inside out, so put a smile on your face and be positive. Try to be optimistic at all times,

always looking on the bright side. Remember that things will be okay, you are living a fun, happy, healthy lifestyle. How could

you go wrong?

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